Entry #6

Wow, crazy...

2017-10-19 03:03:59 by SleepyMoody

Its crazy to look at this old account, my old youtube channel Elijah6000, and see at what I was like as a younger version of myself. The last thing I posted was 5 years ago back in 2012, and I feel like such a different person now. I guess learning to live on my own, dating a crazy girl for 2 years to then come out depressed, and basically just learning how to survive in the real world has changed me. Experience changed me.

I'm in my final term of college for Software Development & Network Engineering with a job lined-up in January. I plan to work for this company for minimum 5 yers and learn how to build video games in my free time with friends and maybe start up a video game studio as we enter our 30s. I miss Newgrounds though, this website and old Youtube were really my home growing up, I loved the content. What a trip I guess, eh?


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